Saturday, 22 June 2013

Back from Nowhere

me and me by ClaraJean1
                                                                 me and me, a photo by ClaraJean1 on Flickr.

I have been neglecting to write in my blog for a long time now. To be honest, I assumed no one was reading it and what with work, travel and play calling, I decided to take a break. In the last few months I have concentrating more on my photography. I've snapped at students, inanimate objects, my daily meals, my long-suffering husband and even persuaded one of my friends to pose for me. But the urge to write has also crept up on me in the last few days and so I am back. Not from the moon or some exciting foreign holiday but from nowhere really.....

So what is new? In the last few months of cyber silence, spring came and went (very briefly), summer visited London with humidity, sudden rain showers and sweaty people on the tube. I turned 30 (wisdom, at last!) and celebrated my first wedding anniversary. One of my best friends got married and was pushed to her reception in a wheelbarrow (this seemed quite natural at the time, although none of us could quite say why) and she then revealed to me that she is expecting her first child! I visited Brussels on a business trip with some lovely students and some not so lovely students and then took a nice week's holiday in the Peak District where I saw so many sheep, I could have sworn they were amassing for some kind of attack on humanity.

And through it all I took photos. Lots and lots of photos. I have become serious about the camera. I have fallen more in love with photography than with origami (my previous craft obsession). I literally cannot wait to get my digital SLR out of its case, feel the comfortable weight in my hand and snap away. My biggest problem is subjects. I don't feel very comfortable photographing people, especially not people in the street that I do not know. I also don't feel comfortable asking my friends if I can photograph them and when I do, they always pose or pull funny faces, which is understandable. It is unsettling being in front of a camera. So I end up wandering around London or more specifically, my flat and taking photos of random stuff like bottles...or food...or flowers...or even the bathroom window in the sunlight. I honestly need to get my act together and do a photography course. So that comes next and who knows, maybe it will be exciting enough to blog about?.....